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Our Online shop is a tribute to Mexico, the Day of the Dead and its icons, utensils and lucky charms. We hope to entertain you on this page and warm up your heart for an entrancing ancient tradition.

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Autumn is here and the festivity we all love is comming closer - it is time to prepare for the Day of the Dead and show the deceased that they are still alive in our hearts!

Shelves are refilled in our SUGARSKULLS section!

No Day of the Dead without proper PARTY DECORATION. Here you will find everything to decorate your home altar or festivity, also check out our wide range of classic mexican papercut GARLANDS

For our mexican folkart collectors a fresh bunch of SHRINES has been added to the onlineshop. All the classic gems are back and of course we also found some new crazy stuff for the hunters and gatherers on our last shopping trip to Mexico.

In our Artist Special a fresh collection of EX VOTO PAINTINGS by JF Garcia is waiting for the friends of the exclusive stuff. Finest Day of the Dead - Art, every piece unique!

For the fans of our MEXICAN MOB SHIRTS we have 2 new designs for men and also a wider range for the ladies now on the new comfortable shirtcut.

Our home made LUCHA CAT made it to the next level! 20 new charming characters have been born and in addition to the original silver line they enrich the world now also in an pure white and trashy golden version.

Before you take off in our colourful world - one thing up front: The items you put in your shopping cart here are mostly all unique and intricately crafted by hand. We are devoted to quality, therefore we would like to explain that by the production in manual labour smaller irregularities in structure and form are normal and by this each piece gets its charm and esprit and most important character. For the offered objects we guarantee for the origin "Hecho en México" and authenticity of the pieces.

Fairtrade is a matter of course for us.


And now we wish you lots of fun and inspiration with the happy dead ones!














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