Santa Muerte Voodoo

The Saint of Death

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Santa Muerte Voodoo

The cult around Santa Muerte, the saint of the death, has thousands upon thousands of followers throughout Mexico and belongs to the most popular national saints.

The Catholic Church classifies the worship of Santisima Muerte as a pagan ritual, which is even being suppressed in many places. However, this does not stop their disciples from worshipping the skeleton with the scythe with countless little shrines across the country, begging for love, happiness, financial success and personal protection.

Santa Muerte differs from the other Mexican saints mainly by the fact, that it is also known under the name Mictecacihuatl as an ancient Aztec goddess of death and ruler of the underworld. For this reason and because they classified the cult as a pagan ritual, the Catholics have to deal with the reproach of having banished the ancient Aztec for the sake of the conquest and the Christianization of Mexico.

This amulet consists of a fabric pouch full of Santa Muerte Milagro quartz stones plus a small bottle with magical Santa Muerte perfume. All ingredients of this Mexican voodoo spell are made from the best ingredients available and unleash their full effect in an instant due to their perfect combination. Sprinkle the perfume on the stones and make your request to Santa Muerte by candlelight. Activate the spell by putting the stones back in the pouch.

Dimensions: 12.5cm x 7cm
Material: Stoffsäckchen , magische Kiesel , Milagro , Parfüm
  • Shatter-proof packaging and fast delivery
  • 14 Days Revocation Period
  • Craftsmanship from a small manufacture
  • Fair traded direct importing from Mexico
  • Hand-picked quality
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