We offer you fascinating- sweet and thrilling mexican decoration which covers the wide spectrum from trash to art and back. Here we make a clean sweep with the tale of the celestial peace after passing away then afterlife is an absolute lively matter with lots of esprit and charm – a world far away from the abstract concept, which we are usually confronted with. While for us since million of year’s death is mostly just seasoned with the taste of a black musty hole that has to be entered, he is accepted at the other end of the big ocean as a regular companion that is integrated with nonchalance into life. Colourful dressed up - La Santa Muerte celebrates his never-ending party, drinks, dances and smiles.

El Jarabe en ultratumba

"El Jarabe en ultratumba", José Guadelupe Posada

"The mexican seeks for, strokes, teases, celebrates the death, sleeps with him. Perhaps he is tormented by the fear of him like the others, but he does not hide from him or conceals him. With patience, contempt or irony he looks him straight in the face."

Those words of the Nobel Prize laureate of literature Octavio Paz, characterize excellent the extraordinary relationship of the Mexicans to Santissima Muerte and also explain the colourful and curios designs of the objects in our online shop. Besides the mexican skulls and the extraordinary devotional objects around the Dia de los Muertos aka Day of the Dead, you find here Lucha Libre – utensils for mexican wrestling , holy lucky- charms with the Virgin de Guadelupe as well mexican art regarding Frida Kahlo. In addition to our big range of mexican skulls we will also offer soon the original sugarskull and all items you need to make them at home. Arts and crafts from Mexico count to the most affectionated handicrafts which this planet has to offer, in particular the mexican skull is in his style unique in the world – immerse yourself into a colourful universe of spirit, humour and esprit.

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